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FileMaker in the EnterpriseThe FileMaker Platform is a suite of tools designed for rapid development of flexible database solutions for deployment on Windows and Macintosh computers, iPads - and extension of them to the Web. FileMaker integrates data structure, business logic, and interface into one package enabling the rapid development of robust and feature-rich applications.

Historically, large Information Technology (IT) organizations have viewed FileMaker as a gadget used to build small desktop-centric rolodex applications for a single user. This viewpoint is partly due to the product’s longevity, or more accurately, its early history as one of several non-SQL PC data managers like dBase, FoxBase, Clipper, Access, etc. As a general rule, none of these products, including FileMaker, have been taken seriously by IT managers for enterprise systems.

This white paper attempts to deal with FileMaker suitability by addressing two issues. Does the FileMaker platform meet criteria for enterprise systems? What standards and development methodology should be used to ensure FileMaker applications become good corporate citizens?

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